Check-Points is a privately owned diagnostics company founded in 2002 based in Wageningen, The Netherlands.

Check-Points Building

We focus on the development and commercialization of a new generation of molecular diagnostic solutions for specific routine applications in clinics, institutes and companies.

BD MAX products are designed, developed, manufactured and distributed in accordance with ISO13485.

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Check-Points Building

Check-Direct & Check-MDR

With our range of products for detection of carbapenemases, ESBLs and AmpCs we aim to improve the control and prevention of antibiotic resistance in Gram-negative bacteria through combining our unique know-how of this field with our molecular detection technologies.

Our CE-IVD marked products range from a proprietary microarray system for comprehensive identification of resistance genes to assays for rapid screening in as fast as 2 hours based on real-time PCR.


Check&Trace Salmonella (previously Premi®Test Salmonella) is the first product in our Check&Trace range for food and veterinary diagnostics.

The Check&Trace Salmonella allows for fast and reliable routine molecular confirmation and serotyping of Salmonella. Serotyping of Salmonella has proven to be essential in any Salmonella reduction program.